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We are all contributors to Retirement Dialog. We are not the only contributors, far from it. We view ourselves more as facilitators. Here to help the community create conversations about how to redefine retirement.

We believe that so far, there are no true experts on retirement…..

…but we know of some of the people who are pioneers in the world of retirement. They are living their way through the important questions that surround retirement. Questions such as:

What truly makes my life meaningful?

What have I always wanted to do, but haven’t so far?

How do I manage my money in retirement?

How do I manage my time and energy?

We would like to share these special resources with you. We would also like you to share with us.

Perhaps you are one of the pioneers that we have not met. Perhaps you are not an an expert but have valuable insight or perspective on a specific topic. Regardless everyone is welcome to be part of the Dialog.

What are your concerns, your stories and your resources.

Have you made a successful transition to retirement? What where the keys to success? What were the obstacles? Did you retire early? Are you still working after retirement? Did you find find it to be meaningful? Did you turn a hobby or a passion into a business?

We would like to address these issues and others. This by design is a dialog.

Please share your thoughts and become part of the process, the community, that redefines Financial Independence.

Troy Daum, CFP, Principal, Wealth Analytics
Gordon Tudor, CFP, Principal, Wealth Analytics.
Austin Gallaher, PPF, Financial Planner, Wealth Analytics.
Mark Halsey, Financial Planner, Wealth Analytics.


we have a passion for people, and are committed to assisting in creating lives that are meaningful.